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Murphy has a place for you! In these pages you will find individual sites for development, as well as developed sites with space for sale or lease. Make sure to view each site’s individual video which provides a unique perspective of the site and surrounding area. Each sites information page will have broker or owner contact information, as well as marketing information if available.

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Betsy at Murphy


The Available Properties section of the this website is intended to make it easier for prospective businesses to locate in Murphy. Information submitted by property owners or their agents is believed to be accurate at the time of posting, but the City of Murphy is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Each buyer and seller must exercise his/her own due diligence before entering into any contractual relationship.

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Space for Sale or Lease


Murphy Marketplace
Northeast Quadrant of F.M. 544 and Murphy Road

Timber Ridge Center
210 E. FM 544

Murphy Retail Center
410 W. FM 544

Murphy Crossing
150 E. FM 544

623 W FM 544
Space for Sale or Lease

Two Murphy Village
208 West FM 544

Beacon Hill Center
601 W FM544

Avon Building
335 W FM544

Murphy Forum Plaza
703 E FM 544


Available Sites

Murphy Market Place
299 E. FM 544

Murphy Market Place
East Site
301 E. FM 544

Northwest Corner of Betsy and McCreary Rd
1401 McCreary Rd

Murphy Rd and Betsy Intersection
North East Corner
1020 N Murphy Road

Heritage 544 Triangle
504 West FM 544

Murphy Medical Center
615 W FM 544


Murphy Economic Development Corporation


206 N Murphy Road
Murphy, TX 75094